The smooth 2005 continuation
2004 as it started 
And a last important 2003 event 
Italia Totale - Most Artistic pics

Enchanting Faroe Islands1 Faroese sheeps and little devils :-)2 Jumpy Faroese horses .. ..and beautiful flying faroese pinguins!3 Love in Torshavn with funny feroese costumes!4

Love in Kivik (17 Jul)
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Kat&Pat presentation)
   Be outrageous (y). Art can help us think something that goes beyond this senseless existence. Art is what we do, culture is what is done to us. 
Dadou a Copenhague! (Juil)1 Dadou a la playa!2 Dadou nous fait bien rire!3
Electro and communitism - Fusion Festival (1Jul)  

Art means making room for the individual's experience as the unique subject amidst the collective - because the individual has no power over the world. One cannot express his true nature in isolation from others (Gerhard Richter). Choices come in packages (Sara). Thank you for thanking me! (Rastaman). I will not take material things over people (Tim). E' meglio essere pieno di rimorsi che di rimpianti. Art is a garantee of sanity (Louise Bourgeois). The quest of international security involves the unconditional surrender by every nation, in a certain measure, of its liberty of action--its sovereignty that is to say--and it is clear beyond all doubt that no other road can lead to such security (Freud). Whatever makes for cultural development is working also against war (Freud). Men have an enormous longing for dwelling in harmony with nature and creativity. Nature, art, creation are a unity. Architects must create so a painter would like to paint (Hundertwasser). If the formula is not beautiful, it cannot be right (Einstein). I am at war with my time, with history, with all authority that resides in fixed and frightened forms. I declare war on all icons and finalities, on all histories that would chain me with my own falseness, my own pitiful fears (Lebbeus Woods). Not being religious is a luxury, but like freedom it is a scary responsibility (y). Never hire somebody who was trained by the military as they have stopped thinking for themselves (y). Consideration for others is the basis of a good life and a good society (Confucius). La valeur d'un hasard est égale à son degré d'improbabilité. On peut échapper au destin, mais on n'échappe pas au thème de sa vie (Kundera). Tout être doué de raison et de bonne volonté peut comprendre un peu d'italien! Toutes les villes ont été fondées et peuplées par des gens venus d'ailleurs, tous les villages aussi, la terre ne s'est remplie que par migrations successives. Parmi les ingrédients qui composent la vraie sagesse, on oublie trop souvent la lampée de folie (A.Maalouf). Justice is not just laws. Comfort Isolates (Documentary: The Messengers). An artist is never poor (Film: Babette's Feast). Life sux, get a helmet (Martijn). Life passes by while you plan it (Mirza).

Love in Bruxelles! (25 juin)
Copenhagen Life II
Love in Paris! (28 Mai)
Amsterdam Fever (Mai)
Max aime Christiania (April)
Inspiring Vienna (April)
Copenhagen Life I
From kitchen materialism to funism (Mars 6)
Paris au MAX! (Mars)
Praha (January on way back)
Noel au Quebec1 Nouvel an au Chalet chaleureux2 Suite de nouvel an sur glace et retrouvailles3 Visites Montréalaises4 Visites à Québec!5
Where is my new kitchen??   You can plan the future, but you should't worry about it (Jia Liang). Happiness is too valuable to be postponed (Efe). Nobody lies on their death bed wishing he'd spent more time at the office (C&H). It is sad that 200m idiots can decide the fate of 6b (Alper). You are very factual in a very subjective way (Annika to me).


Berlin !!! First pit stop (Nov)
Le Périple de ..1 .. Momou au Pays ..2 .. des Vikings, des Petites Sirènes ..3 .. des Ottomans et des Sultans ..4 .. Fous mais Gastronomiques !5
Crazy Circus Party Helga & Maria (Sept)   Toujours regarder devant, ne jamais regretter (Momou). What is history, but a fable agreed upon? (NB). It is very important to fall in love with the nature of things instead of fighting for form and style (Utzon). Democracy is not about choosing your dictator (y). Make peace, not walls (Roskilde Festival). What is my brand, what is my message? I believe in thin air so don't come here and talk about your fucking car (Half Machine live act, Christiania). Was 9/11 art? Art must be relevant (Mikkel). 


Christina Half-Machine Event (Aug)
Summer Danish Delights
Part 1 - Amazing Sarajevo1 Part 2 - Around Sarajevo and Mostar2 Part 3 - Dubrovnik the Croatian perl3 Part 4 - Good food and fun people in the Islands4
Roskilde Mudstival! a i c Zajedno funkcio nisemo savrseno (Sarajevan toilet ad about how a knife, a fork and a spoon, though different, work well together). Life is a journey (y). The mediator between head and hands must be the heart (Metropolis). La sagesse qu'un sage cherche a communiquer a toujours un air de folie (Siddharta). Where the needs of the world and your talent cross, there lies your vocation (Aristotle). Most of us go to our graves with our music still inside us (O.Wendell). No piece of technology can substitute trust (Tim). Good electronic music is known to enhance the mood in all setting (Tim). People waste a lot of time discussing issues they have no influence upon (Kim). Being busy in business makes you numb (y). Nationalism breeds xenophobia (y). Time is the most precious currency in life (..). Non confondere l'estetica ed la moda (Vania). Pensare non aiuta (Deleuze). True love is rare, true friendship is rarer (Baci). Le destin n'existe pas - e poi se ci crede cosa succede? Niente (Eli). I filmi sono caldi, la tv e fredda. Art: ce par quoi les formes deviennent style. Art (contemporain): transformer le spectateur en fabricant de souvenirs. Big rocks first (..).



Montreal! (juin)
Chambéry - Annecy à pied ! (mai)
Eastern Easter from Gdansk to Riga ! (Apr)
Poudreuse et compagnie! (Mar)
Pretties & Co Lillehammering ! (Jan)
Kathy & Vincent (29 Nov 2003)


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